Colors play an important role in all your home decor decisions, and choosing just the right one can make your kitchen feel homey and express your unique style. There are several popular colors in kitchen cabinetry from which to choose, so knowing the pros and cons of these colors can help you choose which is right for your kitchen style:

Natural Wood

Wood cabinets with a glaze or stain finish are beautiful, especially when you can see the natural grain of the wood. This natural beauty comes in a variety of types including the fine grain of cherry, durable, deep tone of walnut, the smooth texture of maple, and may other choices. 

Natural wood cabinets can be pricey. The higher quality the wood, the more it will cost you. You can buy an expensive material if you plan to paint the cabinets, but if you want to show off the natural wood grains, you want to go for the higher quality choices. 

Pure White

White kitchen cabinets give your home a classic, clean appearance. This color is right for farm-house style kitchens or the ultra-modern kitchen. 

While white gives your kitchen a clean look, it can also make your kitchen give off a cold or boring feel.  Light colors, like white, also show off dust and dirt more easily, so you need to wipe them down more often. 

Pitch Black

Black cabinets can give your kitchen a bold look, especially if they are paired with stainless steel appliances. This dramatic and unexpected look is ideal if you want your kitchen to have an artistic or contemporary feel. 

While black is dramatic, it is also darkens a room. Black cabinets can make any kitchen appear drab. This is especially true when you  have numerous black cabinets, which can become too overwhelming. However, adding more lighting can help. Giving cabinets a coat of black stain, instead of paint,  can also reduce the darkness. 

Riveting Red

Red is a playful, fun color that makes your kitchen come alive with youthfulness and energy. It is also thought that the color red can help stimulate appetites and emotions. A great color for a family who enjoys dining together each evening. 

While red is energetic, it also make a kitchen feel stifled by giving off a feeling of heat. However, you can reduce this effect by using red cabinets in kitchens with lots of windows or exits, and making sure there is plenty of ventilation in the room. 

Classic Blue

Shades of blue are trendy and fashionable. There is a large range of shades, from classic navy to trendy teal. 

Ever heard of getting the blues? That's because the color blue is thought to be a downer. Blue cabinets can suppress appetite and mood, so it is not a good choice if plan on enjoying many lively family dinners. You can help liven up a kitchen with blue cabinets by choosing neutral colors for kitchen walls and blacksplashes. 

When choosing cabinets, remember that color is just as important as style when creating a certain decor. If you need help choosing colors, contact a local contractor or interior designer to help you choose the best color for you. For more information, contact a company like Garlock Lumber & Hardware with any questions or concerns you might have.