When replacing the roofing on your home, it is important to choose a type that is most suitable to the climate of the area your home is located in. This ensures that your roof is durable enough to withstand the weather conditions and could actually make heating and cooling your home more affordable. There are several  types of roofing, and each has different qualities that make it sufficient for covering a roof. However, not all types of roofing are made for all types of climates. The more suitable your roofing is for your climate, the longer it will last.

Cold, Snowy Climates

For cold regions that normally receive heavy snowfall in the winter, it is best to choose a type of roofing that withstands the extra weight of the snow. Slate and tile roofing is excellent for this climate, but it is also a heavy type of roofing. Be sure that the beams of the roof are strong enough to hold the weight of a heavy roof and the added weight of snow.

When applied correctly and sealed tightly, asphalt shingles are also a good choice for a cold weather location. In fact, a dark colored shingled roof will absorb warm winter sunshine and makes heating your home easier. Rubber roofing also draws heat into the home and is durable against high winds.

Hot, Dry Climates

The best type of roofing for a hot, dry climate is one that will not draw heat from the sun into the home. Light colored asphalt and metal roofing is best for blocking out heat from the sun. These reflect the sunlight much better than a rubber roof or other dark colored type of roofing.

Clay tile roofing is also a good choice for homes located in hot weather climates. It creates a very attractive roof, is wind resistant and blocks out heat better than metal or shingled roofing.

Humid or Rainy Climates

Some areas of the world have a warm climate that is very humid. Others have heavy rainfall for much of the year. Roofing that is installed on homes in these areas should be resistant to algae growth and rust.

Metal roofing is best for avoiding the growth of algae due to the constantly damp environment, Some types of metal roofing are also made to be rust resistant, waterproof and wind resistant as well.

Choosing the best type of roofing for your home does not have to be a difficult task. If it is designed for your type of environment, it will most likely last for many years to come. For more information about roofing, contact Classic Remodeling Corporation or a similar company.