If you live in the country and are not connected to a municipal water system, most likely you have well water. And if you have well water, that means your water is "hard". Hard water is water that is filled with many minerals, such as lime or calcium. These minerals can wreak havoc on your home's appliances and your skin. Here is an overview on what hard water will do, and what remedies you can try.

They Lessen the Life of Your Appliances

Hard water can build up in your appliances and lessen their lives. Here are some ways you can tell hard water is becoming a problem:

  • Faucets and shower heads. The holes in the shower and faucet heads can become clogged with mineral build-up and reduce the force of the water that comes through. Water may also spray out in different directions, instead of a direct flow. Your shower walls and doors may also become stained over time. 
  • Water heater tanks. There will be a significant build-up of minerals which over time can make your water heater less efficient. When this happens, the heater could begin to leak and even corrode. 
  • Washing machines and dish washers. These pieces of appliances won't clean your clothes and dishes as well when they have significant mineral build-up. Glasses will be spotted and dull, and clothing will also be dull, even feeling a bit stiff. The in and out hoses will also become clogged from the mineral build-up. 

Also, hard water can damage your skin and hair. Hard water can cause some hair to have a reddish hue over time, and can cause skin to become very dry, especially in the winter time when the air is already dry. Many people have to purchase only certain brands of hair shampoo and body-wash in order to keep hair and skin moist. 

Try Water Softeners

If you purchase a water softening system, you can extend the life of your appliances, end up with cleaner clothes, and help improve the condition of your hair and skin. A system is installed at the point of water entry in your home, and the chemicals used inside the system help to remove all of the bad minerals that are present in hard water. That water then passes through and into your home. While the investment of a water system may seem high, the overall savings you will find with your appliances not needing to be replaced as often is well worth the money to invest in a softener system, such as from Albert Soft Water.