Chain-drive garage door openers are one of the oldest types of garage door openers on the market today.  Although modern garage door opener options include electric and belt-drive versions, chain-drive remains popular because of the many advantages that it holds over its counterparts.  If you are building a new residence and need to weigh your options concerning the garage door opener that will work best for you, use this information to help you determine if the chain-drive version is the perfect choice.

Chain-Drive Openers Are A Great Security Measure

Keeping your family and valuables safe is likely one of your top priorities as a homeowner.  While it is certainly a good idea to invest in a security system, the type of garage door opener that you choose can be an added security measure that helps you protect what belongs to you.

The chain system that is used to open and close garage doors that feature a chain-drive emit a noise that makes it virtually impossible for anyone to enter your home through the garage without you becoming aware of it.  Unwanted intruders who may have been able to smoothly lift and lower a garage door powered by a silent electric device will not be so lucky when you have a chain-drive garage door opener.

A Chain-Drive Is Inexpensive To Maintain And Replace

When considering which type of garage door opener to purchase, you should also weigh the costs attached to maintaining and replacing the device.  Electric garage door openers are quite complicated for the average layperson to understand, making it more difficult to diagnose problems that may occur.  This means that you will need to call in a professional, an added expense that you may not have on hand in an emergency.

Chain-drive garage door openers simplify the maintenance and repair process tremendously.  A few squirts of oil on a periodic basis keep the chain slick enough to operate with precision, and replacing the chain-drive is a do-it-yourself job that should be quite doable for even the most mechanically challenged individual.

Chain-Drive Garage Door Openers Are The Dependable Option

Few things are as frustrating as arriving home after a long day at work and being unable to open your garage door electronically because some aspect of the system has shorted.  If your garage door system is completely electronic, you may find yourself having to leave your vehicle outside because the door is locked and cannot be opened manually.

When you have a chain-drive garage door opener, you are not at the mercy of a faulty electrical wire or system outage.  You can lift and lower your garage door at will, and most of these openers also include a physical key that you can use to lock your belongings safely inside.

Chain-drive garage door openers are the tried and true choice for a reason.  Call a professional, such as Garage Intel, Inc, to install a chain-drive garage door opener onto your home today so you can enjoy these benefits and many more.