If you have hired a landscaper, you should consider adding roses to the design. Almost any rose can be grown in a container. There are roses, however, that are more suited for the environment such as the polyanthus and miniature roses. You can even use shrub roses and small climbing roses for a different style. 

The care you give them and the container you choose is very important for their success.

Give Them Sun

Container roses are often used for entryways, balconies, or patios. Make sure that wherever you put them, they can receive at least six hours of sunlight per day. The roots need to be kept cool if you live in a warmer climate.

To do this, plant them in a larger container so they can have more soil to keep the roots cooler.

Selecting The Roses

When choosing roses, determine what size they will be when they reach maturity.

This is important so you will choose the right container for them. Miniature and polyantha roses work well in smaller containers. Shrub roses require substantially larger containers, and they can be pruned and sheared once per year to control their size.

A repeat blooming or continuous blooming rose will keep the container looking good throughout the spring, summer, and fall. You may also want to choose a rose that will bloom on new wood if you want to see more blooms during the first season.

If you do select roses that bloom only one time each year, you can plant other flowers in the container with them to give you color throughout the season. If you do choose additional flowers, make sure the container is large enough to support them.

Choosing The Containers  

Roses need enough soil to give their roots space. The more soil there is, the more water the roots will have access to

If you have miniature roses, they work better in containers that are approximately five gallons. For floribundas and polyantha roses, choose a container that is around 10 gallons. Grandiflora, large floribunda, and hybrid tea roses need a little more room so choose a container that is at least 15 gallons large. Large shrub roses and climbers require something twice as big. You will need a container that is around 30 gallons. A whiskey barrel is ideal for these roses.

The color of the container should not be too dark, as the plastic ones heat up, and dry out the soil. You should also make sure the container you choose has drainage holes.

Your landscape designer such as Cottonwood Landscapes LLC help you choose the right roses and containers. Some landscape designers can even plant them for you, or show you how to plant and care for them.