Congratulations on your new vinyl siding! This tough, attractive building material is among the most popular siding options in the United States. One of the great attractions that many homeowners feel toward vinyl siding is the simple care routine that keeps vinyl siding looking its best. Following these tips, your vinyl siding will continue to be beautiful for many years to come. 

Basic Cleaning Routine

Your new vinyl siding won't need to be cleaned very often. Basic cleaning can be performed annually or on an as-needed basis. You may find that your siding will need to be cleaned more often if your automatic sprinklers splash mud onto the sides of your house. To prevent the wet earth from staining your home, inspect the siding periodically and clean it when it starts to show dirt. 

For a basic cleaning, you'll need a stiff-bristled, long-handled scrub brush, a hose with a spray nozzle, and a bucket of warm water mixed with mild all-purpose cleaner. Start by dipping the stiff-bristled brush into the bucket and scrub the siding in any obviously dirty areas. Those parts of the house that show no obvious dirt may not need to be scrubbed at all. Next, set the spray nozzle on the hose to the "jet" setting and spray down the siding, even in the areas that didn't need to be scrubbed with the scrub brush. 

Removing Stains, Mold and Mildew

Vinyl siding is highly durable and doesn't stain easily. On the rare occasion that your siding does stain, you can make a powerful stain remover by mixing trisodium phosphate with water. Trisodium phosphate (known as TSP) is commercially available in hardware stores and home improvement centers.

Each container of TSP comes with mixing instructions and dilutions for varying cleaning strengths, which means that you can pick the strength of cleaner based on the severity of the stain. TSP is toxic and should be handled carefully. Read all manufacturer safety instructions before mixing the TSP with water. If you're concerned about how the TSP will affect your surrounding landscape, use a mixture of 1 part oxygen bleach (which won't kill plants) with 5 parts water

To remove the stains using TSP (or oxygen bleach, as the case may be), dip the long-handled scrub brush into the bucket of cleaner and scrub down the siding. Rinse the siding with water from the hose when you're finished. 

For more information about caring for your vinyl siding, speak with a contractor such as Allstate Gutter & Siding.