The kitchen tends to be a home's gathering place for family and friends. Because people spend so much time in it, the kitchen should be a room the whole family loves. If your kitchen needs an update for you to fall head-over-heels in love, you don't have to gut it and start over. Instead make small changes to the kitchen cabinets to make a huge difference overall.

Move Them

Is there a weird gap between your cabinets and ceiling that ends up being wasted space, used for nothing but gathering dust? Hire a contractor to move your cabinets up the wall a few inches. You can use the resulting under-cabinet space on your counter for taller appliances, or you can add an open shelf under your cabinets to hold pretty mugs or colorful towels and cloth napkins.

Paint Them

What if you painted your walls a gorgeous color, only to find that your cabinets look more drab as a result? Give your cabinets the same treatment! You can paint them in an opaque coordinating color. Alternatively, if your cabinets are a stained wood that you can't bear to cover, give them a different stain. You could lighten or darken the stain, or you could stain the cabinets a color. For a trendy look, get a little creative with color. Choose one bright color and coat the cabinets under your island with it. Or choose a couple of different colors for your cabinets.

Open Them

A particularly trendy look right now is to remove your cabinet doors completely so you have open shelving. The downside is that this look will force you to tackle that cluttered cabinet that now will be constantly on view. The good news is that once you do, you'll never again be tempted to let it fall into that cluttered state again. To make this style of cabinets look even more modern, paint the wall behind the cabinets with a beautiful pop of color. Or choose an eye-catching wallpaper to go behind them. Another fun way to showcase open shelves is to add simple peel and stick LED lights to the shelves, which will make your beautiful dishes stand out and provide subtle light in the evening.  

Dress Them Up

Sometimes cabinets just need a little something fancy to change the look of your entire kitchen. Change out the hardware or add some molding to flat-faced cabinet doors. Doing so can make your cabinets look much more modern or elegant.

Sprucing up your kitchen doesn't have to force your family to live in a construction zone. These simple updates to your kitchen cabinets will make you fall in love with your kitchen all over again. Talk with a professional, like Kitchen Design by Ed Carlson, for more ideas on small renovations that can make big changes.