Workplace safety is a major concern in the construction industry. In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports on the number of injuries and fatalities in the workplace each year, In 2013, for example, there were 3,929 fatalities in workplaces, and 20.3 percent of those were in construction.

There are three main things that result in injuries and fatalities at work. Here's what they are and how you can protect your employees from them.

Falling from Heights

One of the major ways workers are injured each year is by falling from their projects. Construction workers may be working on scaffolding or on the side of a building, and that means they're high in the air. 

To reduce the risk of falls:

  • Always make sure your employees have their harnesses on and are properly tethered to the equipment or a stable point. 
  • Make sure employees wear shoes with sufficient tread.
  • Don't allow employees to work in poor weather conditions.

Getting Stuck or Caught in Machinery

Another thing that can result in injuries is getting stuck or caught in machinery. For example, if you have an electric saw and an employee's shirt gets stuck on the blade, this could be dangerous and result in a life-threatening injury. 

To avoid these situations:

  • Always have employees working with dangerous equipment that could pull them in wear short sleeves. Long sleeves can get caught in the machinery. 
  • Don't allow employees to wear loose clothing. 
  • Make sure the employees in your company are trained on turning off machinery in an emergency situation.
  • Invest in machinery that recognizes flesh. There are some saws, for example, that will stop if they feel something other than wood, metal, or concrete, helping protect the user.

Being Electrocuted

Electrocution can be deadly, so it's important to warn your employees about dangerous power lines or power boxes at your construction site. Employees working with electricity will likely wear rubber gloves and shoes along with other important safety gear, but employees who aren't focused on electrical repair may not be protected. 

Consider these ways to protect your employees:

  • Install construction fencing around the area if there are open power lines. Place warnings on the fencing, so people know what's inside. 
  • If employees have to enter an area with live electricity, make sure they are protected with the proper safety equipment. 

Construction fencing can protect employees and equipment in many ways, so contact a company like Statewide Rent-A-Fence for more information.

By following these tips, you can help keep your workers safe on the job. They'll appreciate it, and you can feel better about your construction site.