Is there a certain light fixture in your house that makes a popping sound each time it is turned on? It is not in the best interest of your house, and your safety, to leave the problem as is because you may be living in a fire hazard. Find out below what may need to be done to your malfunctioning light fixture and what an electrician will charge to make the repair.

What Can Cause a Light Fixture to Making Popping Sounds?

One of the common reasons for a light fixture to begin popping is due to the wrong type of bulb being used inside of it. For instance, using a bulb with a higher wattage than your light fixture is designed to handle can cause a lot of harm to the wiring in your walls and the fixture. The wires become overheated and melt, which brings on something known as arcing that happens when sparks flare up and jump from wire to wire. You may need to get the fixture replaced to solve the problem if no wires in the wall are damaged.

Another reason for a popping light fixture can stem from a problem with the electrical panel. It is possible that there is a short in the wires coming from the circuit breaker that is used to power up the light fixture. The damaged wires can be causing too much or little electricity to flow to the fixture, which is causing popping and arcing. The solution to the problem may be to get a new circuit breaker installed.

You may be dealing with a major wiring problem in your house that requires immediate attention from an electrician, like the ones at Nicholas Electric Co. He or she may have to replace all of the wires with new ones, especially if they are old and not sufficient enough for modern power demands.

What Will It Cost for an Electrician to Repair a Popping Light Fixture?

If the electrical panel is the cause for your light fixture to pop, it can cost a minimum of $800 plus for an electrician to upgrade the amps. The price will depend on how many amps are needed to meet the power demands of your home. You are looking to spend at least $3,500 plus to get the entire house rewired, and the fees charged will depend on the square footage and complexity of the job. Call an electrician as soon as possible to keep your house safe!