If you have installed a flat roof on a shed or other building, you may not think it needs much maintenance. However, it is important that you do some tasks throughout the year that will help you avoid damage. Here are some tips you can use to make sure your flat roof remains in good condition.

Use and Monitor Flashing

When you have protrusions on the roof such as vents or a chimney, flashing is essential. Flashing is a term that refers to the metal strips installed around the edges of protrusions in order to block and divert water so that it doesn't seep into your building, causing leaks and damage to the building structure. If you have not installed flashing yet, it is a good idea to do so.

Once flashing is installed, it's important that it is periodically checked to ensure that it remains attached securely, especially after storms. You also need to ensure that there are no signs of mold between the flashing and your roof, as moisture can become trapped and lead to fungal growth. Commercial anti-fungal products can help take care of that problem.

Avoid Snow and Ice Accumulation

If you live in an area that has snow in the winter, it is important to remember that a flat roof can only take so much snow and ice, as it simply can't sustain the weight. If you allow too much ice and snow to accumulate, your roof may become damaged and leaks may become a problem. In extreme cases, the roof could cave in.

To avoid this, be sure to use a snow rake to decrease the amount of snow on the roof. For a more permanent solution, you can mount heating cables on the roof that can melt ice and snow.

Keep Drains and Gutters Clear

Checking gutters, downspouts and drains periodically can help you avoid problems with your flat roof. Making sure your gutters are cleared of twigs, dead leaves and other debris helps you ensure that water can flow freely and there is no standing water to cause damage to your roof and cause leaks or other problems. 

Use the ideas above to help you care for your flat roof. If you need repairs or simply want to assess the condition of your roof, get in touch with an experienced roofing contractor, like Swisher Handyman Services, who can provide you with more information and fix any problems right away.