If you live in an area without sewer services, a septic system may be what you need for waste treatment. There are many different types of septic systems that can be used for your waste treatment needs. The conventional solution is a tank and a drain field for waste to filter through the ground. There are also alternative systems that can include aerobatic, mound and bio filtration solutions. A bio filter can be anything from a planted area to a designed wetland system. Here are some of the bio filtration solutions that can be used for your septic system:

1. Using A Mound System With A Plant Design To Treat Waste

Mound systems can be used to deal with high water tables and poor soils. These are systems where the drainage is installed at grade level, and then an earthen mound is built to cover them. These systems can also include several features to help deal with the waste. They can be lined to prevent affluent from draining through the ground. This may also include a type of planted area, which will include grasses and other plants that will naturally filter the affluent.

2. Chambered Drain Fields With Natural Bio Filtration Medium

Chambered drain fields can be another solution to deal with the affluent. These can be used with more conventional septic tanks. The drain tiles of these systems can contain elements such as peat moss filtration medium. This can help improve the drainage of your system and reduce problems with the lines. 

3. Managed Wetland Designs To Treat Septic Tank Affluent

Wetland designs can be another great solution for your septic system. These are systems that use a wetland area to create a treatment system for the septic affluent. The plants and wildlife in these systems will naturally filter affluent before it reaches other areas. This is a natural solution for your septic drainage needs. This can be a good solution for large homes or rural properties with enough space for the installation of a managed wetland area for septic filtration.

These are some of the different types of bio filtration solutions that can be used with your septic system. If you are thinking about one of these systems, contact a septic service and talk with them about the best system for the waste treatment needs of your home.

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