If you have a backyard that is boring and bland, chances are you probably don't use your backyard very much. So, why not transform your backyard into your own personal oasis -- a place that you find relaxing year round. Transforming your yard into a place that you can retreat to all year long isn't as difficult as you may think. Check out these tips to discover how easy it is to create a backyard that you'll use frequently.

Make Your Yard Private

The fact is, the more privacy you have in your backyard, the more your backyard will feel like your own personal retreat. The best way to ensure privacy is to install a privacy fence around your backyard. However, this also limits the amount of contact you'll have with your nearby neighbors. If you'd prefer not to put up a privacy fence, consider these alternatives:

  • Plant a garden wall between your home and your neighbors. A line of well-placed bushes helps you retain some privacy without cutting off your neighbors completely, and it adds a cozy touch to your yard.
  • Install a pergola around the outdoor seating area in your yard, and then, plant climbing plants so that the plants will obscure your view partially as they grow.
  • Install lattice around a portion of your outdoor patio to make the space more private.

Install a Glass Room Addition

Glass room additions, also known as sunrooms or four-season rooms, allow you to use your backyard space year round. Because the walls and ceiling of the room are made of glass, you'll feel like you're sitting outside while you're relaxing inside. To get the most use from your sunroom, try these ideas:

  • Build an outside deck or patio next adjacent to your sunroom so that guests can go in and out easily when you entertain.
  • Surround your sunroom with flower beds filled with colorful blooms to create a peaceful atmosphere.
  • Decorate your sunroom with plants and comfortable furniture. You can even hang a hammock in the corner to create a comfortable reading nook.

Use Plants to Create the Right Atmosphere

When you're trying to transform your backyard into a relaxing oasis, you need to choose plants that help you make the space feel laid-back.

  • Plant your garden in layers by placing the shortest flowers in the front of your flower beds and increasing the plants by height as you continue to plant towards the back of the flower bed. This eliminates a lot of unused space, creating a garden that looks lush and colorful.
  • Add a tropical touch to your backyard by planting orchids.
  • Green plants have a calming effect, so plant as many green plants as you want. But choose different types of plants so that your yard is full of various shades of green. Also, if you choose green plants that can survive colder weather, you'll be able to enjoy their benefits all year.

It isn't difficult to transform your yard into a place that you'll enjoy using, and by installing a glass room addition, you'll be able to use the space year round. So take some time to make your backyard a bit more private, design luscious flower beds, and install a four-season room to the back of your home. You also may want to contact professional contractors, like those at Sauer & Sons Construction, if you're planning to install a sunroom.