If you recently built a house or remodeled your bathroom and had glass shower doors installed, you need to learn how to take care of them and keep them clean. It is a lot easier to keep your glass shower doors clean than to deal with figuring out how to remove excessive build-up and grime down the road. Here are three steps you can take to keep your new glass shower doors looking brand new for the long haul.

Use A Squeegee After You Shower

Purchase a small squeegee that you can hang up in your shower or keep right next to your shower. Develop the habit of taking the squeegee and using it after you shower to remove the water and any soap residue off of your glass doors. You'll want to start at the top of your glass doors and pull the squeegee all the way down, then repeat until you have removed all the water.

This should only take you a minute or so to do. If you build it into your routine from the start, it will start to feel natural to squeegee the doors of your shower when you are done showering. Removing the water will prevent water stains from forming and will prevent soap residue from building up on your glass shower doors.

Spray Down Your Shower At Least Once A Week

You should also keep a glass cleaner designed specifically for showers nearby as well. At least once a week, add in a few extra minutes when you shower to clean your shower doors. When you get out of your shower, spray them down with the glass cleaner and let it sit for the appropriate amount of time recommended on the bottle. Then, use a squeegee to remove the cleaner and use a rag to wipe away any remaining cleaner and residue.

Use A Steam Cleaner At Least Once A Month

At least once a month, you should give your glass shower doors a really good cleaning. One of the easiest ways to remove built-up soap scum is with a handheld steam cleaner. Just turn the steam cleaner on and run it slowly over your doors, working your way from top to bottom. You can also use the steam cleaner on your shower floor and on your other, non-glass shower walls.

A steam cleaner will loosen up any soap scum or mildew that is present. You may need to go behind your steam cleaner and use a squeegee or rag to wipe away the residue that it loosens up.

By investing a minute or so every day to squeegee your shower doors, and by investing a few minutes on a weekly and monthly basis into cleaning your shower doors, you'll cut down on longer-term cleaning time. Left alone for months, it can take a considerable amount of effort and time to get your shower doors looking like new again. However, by investing a minute or so every day, you will be able to avoid a big cleaning job and you will be able to enjoy like-new glass shower doors all the time.

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