Your garage door is one of the most intricate systems of your home. If the garage door is not well taken care of, the many parts that keep it running properly will begin to deteriorate. This can lead to a noisy, unsafe, and completely dysfunctional garage door. Here are four maintenance tips for your garage door to keep in mind:

  1. Lubricate: Lubricating the moving parts of the garage door is important because it prevents these parts from becoming dry, which puts extra strain on them. The moving parts include the tracks, the rollers, and the hinges. Be sure that you are lubricating these parts every couple of months. You don't want to use any type of lubricant. Instead, you should use spray grease or a specialized garage door lubricate that you can purchase at your local hardware store. 
  2. Listen: Listening to your garage door when it is opening or closing is important to do every once in a while. You will want to listen for anything that does not sound good. If you hear any popping or cracking when the garage door is opening or closing, you should contact a local garage door professional, such as Virginia Door Inc, to ensure that the issue is repaired. They will know what to look for based on the specific noise that is being made. 
  3. Clean: Cleaning the garage door is not only important for aesthetic reasons, but also to help the garage door continue to open and close smoothly. Dust, dirt, and other debris can easily gather on the tracks and hinges of the garage door. If this debris isn't cleaned out, it can cause the garage door to become stuck. You should be cleaning these areas with a damp cloth in order to be sure that all the debris is easily wiped out. 
  4. ​Visual Inspection: A visual inspection on your part is necessary every once in a while. You will want to take a look at the cables to determine whether or not they are fraying. You will also want to see that the springs are not loose and the tracks are straight. If you notice any signs of wear or other problems, contact the professionals, especially if it has something to do with the springs. Making repairs and replacing parts for your garage door on your own can be extremely dangerous because of the tension that it is under, especially if you don't have experience. 

When you know the important maintenance tips for your garage door, you can be sure that you are able to keep your garage door in perfect working order for longer.