Adding a porch enclosure onto your house is a smart way to add some usable space to your home. A porch enclosure is great for enjoying meals outside during the warmer summer months. It can also maximize your storage and make you kitchen less crowded. There are a range of prefabricated enclosures that can be added onto any flat wall. They can be installed over large sliding doors and small swinging doors. If you are going to have a modular enclosure, you should consider using vinyl instead of wood. It is a material that requires much less maintenance and it is easy to install.

Vinyl is Adjustable

Modular vinyl enclosures are adjustable and adaptable to almost any home. They can be altered to fit your space with ease. Vinyl is easy to cut with traditional wood saws. However, with the modular system, you will be doing a minimal amount of cutting and screwing. For the most part, the siding and trim pieces attach to each other without any tools. You will often need to cut the trim pieces to length, but they will then snap onto the siding without any further fastening.

Vinyl Will Match Your Home

Many people are concerned about using vinyl because the exterior walls of their home are made out of a different material, like brick or wood. Vinyl comes in many different colors with varying textures and sheen. While you might not be able to find an enclosure that is exactly the same as your sidewalls, you can find a color that will compliment your home. Many people choose a color that matches the trim and molding colors around their house. You can also line the roof of your vinyl enclosure with the same roof shingles that are on the rest of your home. This is a great way to make your enclosure blend in with your exterior decor.

Vinyl is Easy to Clean and Keep Up

The cost of household maintenance can mount up over the years. Luckily, vinyl is a very low-maintenance product. Cleaning it is very cheap because you can basically spray it down with a hose. Stubborn dirt stains on your sidewalls can be easily scrub off with a little soap and a sponge.

Vinyl is definitely a homeowner-friendly product. After the initial installation, you can make most of the repairs on your own. This will save you a nice chunk of change over the years.

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