When you have a warehouse where you store your products for shipping, you want to make sure you keep everything organized. This way, you can always keep track of your inventory and know where to find equipment when items are being shipped out. Here are 3 ways you can accomplish better organization in your small warehouse.

Install an industrial pallet rack

Pallet racks are designed to house pallets until you need them for shipping purposes. These racks can be custom-installed to the height and width you need to stack large amounts of packaged products on pallets, so all you need to do when you need to take them down or ship large containers is place them on equipment for moving. Talk to your contractor, such as at Certified Handling Systems, about the space you need for all your inventory to place pallet racks around your facility for better organization and easier moving.

Sort your inventory regularly

You don't know what inventory is taking up unnecessary space until you sort everything out. Once you have everything stacked up on pallet racks, you can visually itemize all your supplies and inventory to see what can be cleared out due to lack of sales or demand and what needs to be reordered. Any inventory that hasn't been reordered in months can be moved to a storage facility to free up space in your warehouse for items that are in higher demand. If you want to keep lesser-used products accessible yet out of the way, have a smaller pallet rack installed in the rear of your warehouse so production can continue as normal without having to move these pallets out of the way to get to other inventory.

Create a cleaning schedule

It doesn't take long for a warehouse to become cluttered with wrapping, used pallets, and boxes that get in the way of productivity. Create a weekly cleaning schedule that includes sweeping and mopping warehouse floors and recycling used materials or throwing away items that cannot be reused. A clean warehouse is safer for your employees and allows you to better track your shipments and keep inventory in line. Place a cleaning schedule on the wall so employees can mark off the days they performed certain cleaning functions to keep everything on track.

Having a small warehouse to track your inventory and give you a place to ship from is a great way to manage your growing business. Keeping your warehouse organized with a cleaning schedule, pallet rack installation, and inventory clean-out will help in many ways.