During the cold winter months, most people rely on some type of heating system to keep their home at a comfortable temperature. If you're not happy with your current heating system, you may want to consider having a radiant floor heating system installed. There are many benefits to radiant floor heating.

An Efficient System

Since hot air rises, it is not uncommon for forced air heating systems to have to run longer and more often to keep a room warm as the heated air rises up into the attic. Since a radiant floor heating system is installed at the lowest level of the house, it heats a room from the bottom up. Air has a longer way to rise before it is absorbed into the attic, so rooms  tend to stay warmer longer. Over time, a radiant floor heating system may help reduce the cost of heating a home in the winter months.

In addition, since a radiant floor heating system is laid out uniformly in a room, there should not be any spots and areas that have problems warming up.

A Cleaner Way to Heat

Forced air heating systems are very common, but many people do not like how they blow dust and debris around a home and can also carry germs and odors to other areas of the house. With radiant floor heating, heat gently emits from the floor and rises up to warm a room, so there is no air circulation to carry dust and debris. A radiant floor heating system can be an especially great option for people who suffer from allergies, as the amount of allergens in the air can be reduced.

More Flexibility for Furniture Placement

Homeowners with heating vents in the floor or near baseboards have long had to arrange their furniture in a way that doesn't block any vents and prevent the heated air from circulating in a room. With radiant floor heating, you are free to place your furniture anywhere that you would like without having to worry that a room will not warm up properly. 

Quiet Operation

When a forced air heating system starts up, it can make noticeable noise as the unit runs and creates heated air. Radiant floor heating systems are designed to be incredibly quiet, and you won't have to deal with any noise as it cycles on and off. You will enjoy a warm and comfortable home without any of the racket associated with other types of heating methods. 

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