It may be inconvenient but it's hardly unusual for a garage door to get off its track. When this happens, you won't be able to operate the door as usual. However, fixing the door is something you can easily do as long as you have a few tools and you're handy with them.

You'll want to fix the door as quickly as possible otherwise you won't be able to use the door and your home will also be unsecured until the door is fixed.

What You'll Need

Ensure that you have safety goggles on and a pair of gloves as you do the work. In case anything goes, wrong, this could keep you from losing an eye or a few fingers. Apart from the safety stuff, you'll also need locking pliers, a wooden mallet and regular pliers. Once you have these, you're ready to start.

Getting the Door Back on its Tracks

There are five key steps in fixing your garage door:    

  1. You need to separate the garage door from the opener. You can do this by pulling on the rope that hangs from the track of the door opener.

  2. Lift the door until the rollers align with the area that has the issue on the track and secure the door at that spot by clamping locking pliers on the track just below the door.

  3. Open the track near the spot where     the roller jumped. Use a pair of pliers for this. If the track is wide enough, you can guide the rollers back on. Use the mallet and a block of wood as a buffer to straighten the track.    

  4. Remove the pliers holding up the door and lower the garage door. Push the opener control to close the door. The opener should catch the door on its own and the release     mechanism will snap back to its position.

  5. Open the door a number of times to be sure its fine and watch out for other problem areas.

What Not to Do

Avoid doing the following things that could damage your door:

  • Trying to force the door back on track by kicking it

  • Removing the bolts that hold the track's bottom bracket. This is connected to the spring and can be dangerous.

  • Trying to fix the problem when the panels are damaged.

You should look for professional garage door repair when the problem looks anything but straightforward to avoid     further damage. Contact a company, like Crawford Door Sales Of Nevada Ltd, for more help.