Winter is in full swing right now, which means you probably can't get a very good look at your parking lot right now, especially if you're dealing with snow and ice. However, once spring arrives, you'll be able to give your parking lot a thorough inspection. Depending on what you find during your inspection, you may need to contact an asphalt paving service. Damage to your parking lot should never be overlooked or ignored. If you're not sure what type of damage will require immediate attention, take a look at the list provided below. If you identify any of the issues described below while inspecting your parking lot, schedule an appointment with an asphalt paving service right away. 

Extensive Cracks

If you discover a couple of minor cracks in the parking lot next spring, you should be able to take care of the problem with a quick application of seal coating. However, if the problem is more extensive, you may require more extensive repairs to your parking lot. Pay close attention to the type of cracks you have, as well as to the severity of the cracks. If you've got fatigue cracks, which are an interconnected pattern or cracks, you'll need to take the problem seriously. Fatigue cracks are usually caused by weight-related deterioration of the asphalt and require immediate attention. 

Signs of Instability

Asphalt instability is another issue that you need to take seriously. If your asphalt has become unstable, you may begin to notice problems such as rutting, depressions, or or wash boarding. Each type of instability can be identified through different methods. Rutting can be identified through the existence of wheel patterns in the asphalt. Depressions will look like small basins or indentations filled with water or debris. Finally, wash boarding can be identified by wave-type patterns through the asphalt.

Traffic Damage

If your parking lot experiences constant traffic throughout the day, you may notice significant damage once spring arrives. Constant traffic over your parking lot can cause the asphalt to disintegrate. Some examples of traffic-related asphalt disintegration include potholes and raveling. Potholes are holes that develop in the surface of your asphalt. Raveling can be identified by the loss of asphalt material from the surface of your parking lot. 

Surface Contamination

Finally, surface contamination can cause serious problems for your parking lot once spring arrives. Surface contamination is any type of material that undermines the stability of your parking lot. Luckily, surface contamination can be taken care of with a thorough cleaning and a fresh application of seal coating. 

Don't let parking lot problems get out of hand this spring. If your spring inspection identifies any of the issues described above, contact your asphalt paving service as soon as possible. 

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